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Open Gameday Thread, 6/13

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As the proprietor of a blog, I am often asked about my work. Some folks hear news stories about blogs scooping major media outlets, and ask if I'm able to do that. I will reply that I don't, and that my specialty is something more like making knock-knock jokes about Steve Decker.

Now, however, I can claim to scoop the major media outlets. Deadspin was able to get a reliable source to anonymously confirm some of the information on the Jason Grimsley affidavit, a .pdf of which can be found here. I was able to gather similar information, and it is pretty damning.

My source has seen the redacted parts of the affidavit, and guarantees the veracity of this completed section:

Grimsley stated that while a teammate of Benito Mussolini with the Baltimore Fishing Lures, Mussolini talked openly about his flaccid use of amphetamines.
OMG. There it is. The nail in the coffin. Though I do have another source who swears by this version:
Grimsley stated that while a teammate of James Joyce with the Baltimore Oxen, Joyce talked openly about his stately use of amphetamines.
OMG. Crazy. But worst of all, if this version is true, the Giants are in the middle of another drug controversy:
Grimsley stated that while a teammate of Johnny LeMaster with the Baltimore Booze, LeMaster talked openly about his sensuous use of amphetamines.
OMG. I can't take this anymore.

Actually, if I had to do it over again, I'd have asked for a city and adverb instead of just an adjective. But the responses in the thread below were all top notch. I think I'll do this for every game of the series.