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Tuesday Twoferserro

In compiling a Jeff Fassero postmortem, I realize I completely forgot him in my preseason projections. For the sake of continuity, allow me to present my projection for Fassero's 2006:

Jeff Fassero

ERA - 7.80
IP - 15
K - 7
BB - 8
IP w/bases loaded - 0.1

Eerie, I know. It almost makes me wish I had made this one public.

My March feelings on Fassero starting the season with the Giants:

  1. Eh. Long relievers aren't to be taken too seriously.
  2. He did okay last year.
  3. If he starts to struggle at all, though, he needs to be taken to the glue factory.
Brian Sabean was of a similar mind. Fassero was innocuous to a point, but there was no upside to hold out for. Not only was he being hit hard, but his command was starting to drift. Maybe that's because of a problem with his arm slot, or release point, or something that could be fixed. Great, but fix it somewhere else, because a riding lawnmower in perfect running order is still a riding lawnmower, and the Giants had no need to risk trying to merge Fassero back on the freeway.

He was a good Giant for a year, but was pushed into higher-leverage situations when Kevin Correia was slotted as the long man. That was never meant to last, especially with Brad Hennessey out of the rotation. Hopefully Brian Wilson comes back with a "Hello Goodbye", advises Fassero to "Let it Be", and tells Dave Righetti, "Hey, 'Start Me Up'!"