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Apologies for the goofy mood....

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Random thoughts:

  1. Don't bother TiVoing the San Francisco Giants game if you're going to the San Jose Giants game. They like to give you one of these:
    Public Address Announcer: Would everybody please turn their attention to the large video screen in right-center field. Now. Do it. We're going to show pictures of kittens. And hot, bikini-clad women. And footage of Tom Cruise getting beat with a canoe paddle. Look! It's on! Wow!

    *the Giants/Brewers score is displayed on the screen*

    Ah, just kidding. The Giants lost. Back to whatever it was you were doing.

    Finding out the Giants lost when you weren't expecting to is a great way to screw up a sunny day.
  2. I woke up thinking I was going to watch Marcus Sanders play for the first time. He wasn't in the San Jose lineup. Instead, I ended the day watching Jose Vizcaino play for the bazillionth time in a game I knew the Giants lost. Oof. That's like thinking you ordered a Firehose album from Amazon, and getting a Firehouse album instead.

    I don't know if I've ever seen a hitter not do anything well quite like Vizcaino does. It's darn near artistic. His swings don't really seem to have any purpose. He's not trying to drive the ball. He's not trying to shoot the ball over the defense, like Omar Vizquel does so well. He's just a guy with a blunt object in his hands. I thought I was tired of the guy in 1997....

  3. Did you know there is a performer in the gay adult film industry who goes by the name of Will Clark? Neither did I, until I did a Google image search for "Will Clark" with parental filtering off. I don't recommend doing that at work. The most offensive thing I saw yesterday? Still has to be the Vizcaino at-bats.
  4. The search was so I could make one of these:

    It's an internet clich?, sure -- the usual bit is "No, you can't have a pony", with a "not yours" pony in the bottom corner, and it's usually used to make fun of someone whining on a message board -- but my inner monologue certainly deserved it today. This is a brutal stretch from Lance Niekro we're enduring, and it's an affliction that's shared by almost every first baseman at every level in the Giants' organization. For some reason, I'm starting to dwell on it. I'm not ready to give up on Niekro yet, but I'm getting there.

  5. This made me laugh. As far as threats to children go, blasting caps have it *all over* Grand Theft Auto.
  6. Yesterday's loss doesn't take away from Wednesday's gem by Jason Schmidt. The rebound may or may not keep, but it was a beautiful sight to watch Schmidt sink back into his 2003/2004 form.