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Niekro *and* Feliz for Cabrera?

Yesterday's game was like listening to two taxonomists argue about how to classify a new species of squid at a convention in Redding, and you're looking at your watch, waiting for the damn thing to end, so you can go to a Carrow's, order toast and coffee, and talk about taxonomy with other taxonomists who were at the taxonomy convention. Also, there's a 10,000 Maniacs CD playing somewhere along the way.

Boring, boring, boring. Flat, and indescribably boring. The Marlins have a whole bunch of players who wouldn't pick themselves in a fantasy draft, a couple of nice young players, and Miguel Cabrera. After watching teams trip over themselves to walk Bonds in situations where Jeff Kent, Ellis Burks, or Moises Alou was waiting behind them, the Giants were content to pitch to Cabrera without any reasonable protection behind him. I'm never a fan of walking the bases loaded, but after Cabrera, the Marlins were sending up Joe Willingham. Wait, no, Will Joshingham. Something like that. Maybe it was Todd Dunwoody. I can't remember.

When the Giants fell behind, I suppose there was a chance they could have come back. Maybe they did. My eyes glazed over after the seventh inning. When I regained consciousness, it was time to leave for work in the morning.

Kevin Correia looks like he's learning how to pitch. That's a good development. His walks are down, and the slider he features is starting to snap off with consistency. He could be a good reliever for the short-term, and hopefully the long.... snsnnsnnnnrkkk...... nsssnnnnnnnhhhhhh..... snorrrrrrrrrrrrkkkeekk......

Oh, my, how long was I out for? My slacks are covered in drool...what day is it? My's fifty degrees and overcast outside. It must be January! I missed the whole season! I can't bel...wait, no, I'm in Pacifica. That's right. It's fifty degrees and overcast every single day. I still hope that's drool.

The final score of yesterday's game was 5-3. That doesn't sound boring. But with ground out after fly out after ground out against whatever journeyman or youngster was thrown out there by the Marlins, it never seemed like the Giants had a chance. That's not unusual. If there's a tendency to feel as if a team that's trailing is likely to lose a game, it's because a team that trails in a game generally does go on to lose. That's just how it works. But this Giants offense can go frozen like few that I've seen, especially when Bonds isn't in the lineup. This is a different kind of pessimism; one not rooted in the logic of the subconscious.

I'll watch today's game. But one more like last night, and I'm going to start buying Cliff Notes for my reports the next day.