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Revenge of Quickly

Too busy at work to even take a lunch today, I apologize, so I'm relegated a quick comment starter:

Kevin Frandsen is doing well in AAA, hitting .345/.429/.527. His nominal position is 2B, but is reportedly able to handle SS in a pinch, and 3B as well. So....

  1. What should he be hitting in Fresno before he's a consideration to replace Feliz, and when would you feel comfortable trusting his stats?
  2. Assuming Ray Durham bounces back to his typical level of production and Frandsen continues to perform, do you think there is any chance at all for Durham to be traded at the break, even with the Giants still in contention?
I'm starting to get excited about a homegrown hitter because of less than 60 at-bats at the beginning of the season. Somebody hit me.