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Welcome Matt, part II

Matt Cain was filthy last night. His fastball was a pig reading Harlequin novels in a septic tank. His curveball was a port-o-potty at the third day of Burning Man. His, still leaves a bit to be desired. It's hard to make any grand proclamations about the future of a 21-year-old pitcher, but it almost seems like he's going to be a Curt Schilling-type; great stuff, can give up a few homers, and needs to keep the runners off the bases when it happens.

Comment starter: This one is going to rely on some of the old-timers, but what was the last pitching prospect the Giants had who could compare to Cain? Foppert turned out to be a myth, and the rest of the bunch from the past decade weren't nearly as impressive. Anyone? Scott Garrelts or Atlee Hammaker, maybe?