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Musings of a n00b.

I'm tired of being responsible. It's no fun to sit back, calm and reserved, wagging my finger at those who rush to make too much out of six games. I want to be wild and obnoxious with my proclamations too. The early returns on some of the position players:

OMG!!!1! He's back!

Steve Finley will hit 30 homers, hit them into the wind, and hit them out of right-center field. These homeruns will all come in crucial spots of the game, will all follow spectacular diving catches, and will all be caught by children attending through the graces of the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

Overstating it just a touch, sure, but I've seen more impressive things from Finley after a week than I ever did from Edgardo Alfonzo in his three years as a Giant. Finley's been able to pull even outside pitches with authority, and defense looks nothing like the stats would have you believe. He's only had one ball hit to him that wasn't a sure thing, but that one ball was tracked down with ease.

If defensive metrics threw a birthday party, no one would come. That might be due to more than the fact they are statistical abstractions, and not tangible beings or entities that are physically capable of throwing birthday parties. But what if there's a bigger reason, like because everybody totally hates them? I'm not convinced, but it is food for thought.

OMG!!!1! He's arrived!



A metaphorical liquid with the power to instill an irrational belief that Lance Niekro can be a productive starting first baseman. The phrase derives from the poisoned Kool-Aid served to Jim Jones disciples at Jonestown, and refers to a lack of healthy skepticism by people who follow a particular belief. It's actually a pretty offensive phrase, now that I think of it. Don't blame me, as it was a reader that came up with it. Pretty much everything that goes wrong with this site is the readers' fault, in case you haven't noticed.

After 17 at-bats, Lance Niekro has more walks than strikeouts (3:2), and has hit a game-tying, ninth-inning homer. Given the choice of paying attention to 1,200 minor-league at-bats that point to a player I don't want on my team, or paying attention to 17 at-bats that make me believe the Giants have finally developed a good position player, I choose the latter. It isn't especially scientific, but it warms the heart like a cup of cocoa on a snowy day. If he can keep the walks and average going through April, the belated valentines will start in earnest.

OMG!!!1! He's never going to be good!

There a lot of people who still hold out for Pedro Feliz, and a lot of them know much more about baseball than I do. Still, I can't ever picture looking forward to a Feliz at-bat. His few hits have all come in huge spots this season, so it's hard to be too down on the guy, and his defense just seems to keep getting better.

My private hope is for Vinny Castilla at his peak, which isn't great but would help the Giants score runs. I wonder if that's too much to ask for, though. Feliz is on the wrong side of 30, and his approach this year seems to be the same frustrating mess it was last season. He can still inspire people, however, with a line of inspirational posters:

I was planning on using that creation twice in different gameday threads, but Feliz got a big hit each time. I'm sure that means something, and I'd love for Feliz to make me look like an idiot.

OMG!!!1! He's still good!

Omar Vizquel had just a miserable second-half last season, so it's exciting to watch him get any hits at all. His defense is still outstanding, so if he can avoid wearing down he'll again be one of my favorite current Giants. Having an Omar-type that can hit, even just a little bit, makes almost any team better.