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The *New* McCovey Chronicles

As many of his long time readers know, Grant started a new job towards the end of the Waiting For Boof days which dramatically decreased the amount of time he could devote to writing. The stresses of this job have only worsened with time and sadly, he can only stretch himself so far. (I will leave the details to Grant in his forthcoming post). Over the past year and half Grant has transitioned from one of my favorite baseball bloggers, to my FAVORITE blogger, to my favorite sportswriter. So it is with an extremely heavy heart that I must announce that Grant will no longer serve as the lead writer for McC. Instead, I will take over those duties, with Grant posting occasionally. He and I both agree that our community represents far too good a thing to let wither on the vine. I hope all of you continue to frequent this site and continue to make it the best place to discuss the Giants on the internet. On to my first post:

The subject of Barry Bonds has come up often on McCovey Chronicles and, yet I have never really elaborated my views on him. I will rectify that absence presently. Barry Bonds is a cheater, plain and simple. He violated the laws of this country and the spirit of the game. He used chemical supplements to augment his almost preternatural abilities and in so doing turned the most perfectly balanced game in the world into an un-level playing field. He deserves no sympathy, understanding or commiseration and his current injuries and reviling represent only his just desserts.

For a while we Giant fans deluded ourselves about him. We dismissed his surliness and irritability as the characteristics of a private man thrust into the public arena. We defended his gross physical changes as the natural combination of aging and a fierce workout regime. We accepted his lassitude and general indifference because, well, he was that good. We shouldn't accept it anymore. We should see Bonds for what he truly is: A pathetic man who always wanted more. More money, more fame, more women.

I can neither take away Bonds money, nor strip him of his accomplishments but I can prevent him from being acknowledged. As long as McC is my site, I will not permit anyone to celebrate the man, his career, or his actions (even during game threads). Comments doing so will be deleted and posters who persist in doing so will be banned.