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Community Projections: Omar Vizquel

Real life intercedes today, so there isn't much time for some flowery homage to Omar Vizquel, or some doom-laden piece detailing why this is the year his offensive abilities will implode. Just the numbers:

Omar Vizquel

AB: 490
AVG: .255
OBP: .330
SLG: .360
HR: 4

Not the rosiest of projections, but the shortstop position is a mess in the NL. Combined with his defense, this isn't the end of the world. I see the defensive numbers, I appreciate the effort behind the defensive numbers, but I saw nothing last year that would make me anticipate a defensive drop-off this season. If that makes me some sort of Luddite saberphobe old-timer, I'm willing to own up to it all during my nomination hearings.

Quick note: There is a Gameday Thread-related poll in the comments area. Your feedback is welcome, as usual, and will be ignored if it doesn't reach my predetermined conclusions, as usual.


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