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Son of Quickly....

Still getting wedgies from a virus (physical, not computer), so apologies for another short post.

There have been some discussions about the 40-man roster in various posts and diaries, but nothing on the main page. If both Todd Greene and Jamey Wright make the team, two players will have to be dropped from the 40-man roster, exposing them to other teams. Here's a link to the Giants 40-man roster, but there are still no obvious solutions. There are players who were just added (Kelyn Acosta, Jesus Reina), players the Giants would be loathe to part with (Fred Lewis, Dan Ortmeier), and some players of dubious value to a big league club in the immediate future (Alfredo Simon, Erick Threets).

First, I guess I have a rules question of my own. If the Giants expose a player by dropping them from the 40-man roster, does the team picking the player up have to place him on their 40-man right away? If not, a lot of this is moot. It's hard to imagine a team with valuable 40-man roster space using it on a raw prospect like Kelyn Acosta coming out of the spring. But if a team can just stash Acosta away once he's acquired, there's no sense in the Giants dropping him now.

My prediction: There's a minor trade worked out, such as Alfredo Simon for a raw Rookie Leaguer or A-baller. Kevin Correia would actually be my first guess to be traded, followed by Simon. I'm getting the feeling that Greene is a given to make the team, and the innings pitched by Hennessey seem to indicate the fifth spot is his to lose, so at least one roster spot will need to be opened up.