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Community Projections: Walker/Worrell

The Giants really did this site a disservice by not drafting and developing an interesting pitcher named Champ Xavier, Al Yun, or Quinn Zzyzx. Now that we're almost finished with the community projections, the only remaining projections are for Tyler Walker and Tim Worrell. As the old saying almost goes: When you're writing about Tyler Walker and Tim're writing about Tyler Walker and Tim Worrell. I'm more of a Walker fan than most, but even I can't get excited about this one.

Tyler Walker

ERA: 3.86
IP: 56
K: 68
BB: 24

The jump in the K/9 should lead to more success, but he'll give up enough 500-footers to work against that. I still think he'll eventually anchor the late innings of a bullpen somewhere, even if it doesn't happen until 2016. I'll also prepare a good excuse for 2017, should that not be the case.

Tim Worrell didn't seem a likely candidate for a multi-year deal, but it wasn't out of place for the market. Competent relievers are ridiculously overvalued in the current free agent market. Every team is aware of where good relievers come from, for the most part. The White Sox bullpen last year was a combination of waiver claims and farm help, with some cheap free agent help thrown in.

But building a bullpen strictly from seven Bobby Jenkseses would likely yield one 2005 Jenks, and six of the 2004 model. Guys like Worrell, Scott Eyre, and Rudy Seanez are known quantities. Just because relievers can crawl out of the primordial Rule 5 or minor league free agent ooze doesn't mean a pitcher like Worrell should be ignored. While the contracts given to pitchers like Kyle Farnsworth are absurd, it's hard to begrudge a team a couple of reasonably priced bullpen veterans.

I also see this as the year Worrell implodes, adding another title to the series of Mr. Hergestyk, The Browering Inferno, and The Nightmare Before, During, and After Christiansen.

Tim Worrell

ERA: 5.48
IP: 33
K: 20
B: 11

And just for good measure:

Bernie Worrell

Days of continuous funk: 365