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It's about time.

Pitchers and catchers are walking through a revamped Scottsdale clubhouse right now, and they're all grinning like idiots. Sure, everyone appreciated the time off, but once they see old friends it's nothing but warm greetings and embraces. Stories fly back and forth about the offseason. Trips taken. Houses remodeled. Baseballs are thrown back and forth to warm up, and stiff shoulders have never felt so good. The story of the season doesn't even have an opening paragraph yet, but everyone knows they're going to have the best season of their careers. Oh, happy day, it's the beginning of spring training.

The above paragraph tried to capture the beauty and excitement of spring baseball. It gets an ehh minus. I'll try harder next year. But it was just too hard to compete with a Jeff Fassero projection. You can't manufacture that kind of beauty and excitement:

Jeff Fassero

ERA: 5.78
IP: 32
K: 25
BB: 14

He seems like a nice guy, and it's easy to understand why he was kept around. He has a great chance to be as valuable as he was last year, giving some good long relief innings and possibly finding a niche as a lefty specialist. I just have a feeling this is the last charge for Fassero. I hope I'm wrong, but I think he'll get hit hard on the way to Brower Town.