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Schulman at the Winter Meetings....


According to one major-league source, the Giants are talking to the San Diego Padres about Ryan Klesko, and another source said Seattle first baseman Richie Sexson is in play and the Giants are interested in acquiring him, perhaps as part of a three-way deal.
They are looking at other outfielders and reportedly are kicking around the name of Reds power hitter (and strikeout artist) Adam Dunn. The Giants are not looking merely at corner outfielders, a source said, but also those who can play center. Two who are said to be available are the Cubs' Jacque Jones and the Devil Rays' Rocco Baldelli.
The agent for lefty Darren Oliver, who pitched impressively for the Mets in 2006, said he has had several discussions with the Giants.
According to sources, the Giants are talking to Colorado about 28-year-old right-hander Jason Jennings, whom the Rockies will move if they can get a younger big-league starter in return.
Interesting stuff, all. Let's see: Barf, at the right price, ohmygod, barf, no way he comes at a fair price, barf, no way he comes at a fair price.

Edit: OMFGWTFBBQ!!!!!!

A source indicated late Tuesday that Seattle might have interest in sending slugger Richie Sexson to the Giants and reliever Rafael Soriano to the Braves. In return, the Mariners would receive a starting pitcher (Tim Hudson) and a first baseman (Adam LaRoche).

The Braves -- who are shopping for relief help -- would then also receive relief pitcher Armando Benitez from the Giants.

Hat tip: Lookout Landing.

Obviously something would need else would need to come from the Giants...right?

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