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So much for the slow news days....

Seven years. Insane. While a list of comparable pitchers from Baseballs Reference and Prospectus isn't perfect, you have to be worried that there aren't too many pitchers on the lists who were still effective at 35. Or 34. Or, you know, 33, 32, and 31. That isn't going to be some quirk particular to just Zito's comps; that's going to be true of any pitcher. Seven years to any pitcher - Johan Santana, right now, for example - is insane.

I mean, that's Antwan Jamison money. Insane.

It's hard not to be cynical. This was done for the fan who calls KNBR and wants the Giants to trade draft picks for Miguel Cabrera. This was done to ward off criticism.

When I think about this contract, though, the bile doesn't rise to the back of my throat because of 2007. They could have paid him $300M this season for all I cared. The Giants were done for the offseason. That's where the It's Not My Money theory comes into play. Heck, that's great news for 2007. Jamey Wright, he's not.

But It's Not My Money can only go so far. If Zito is stinking up the joint or injured in 2012 and taking up 15% of the payroll, that's everybody's problem. And that's what a century of baseball history is telling us is going to happen. There's probably a one-in-ten chance that Zito enjoys the sustained success that Tom Glavine did through his 30s.

I should have had one of these posts in the can like some ghoulish obituary writer because my head is swimming with a million different impulses. For the long-term, I hate the move. For the short-term, I love it. I'm glad it isn't Carlos Lee. Really, really, really glad. Man, this is insane.

Insane. Seven years. Insane.

Hooray. Booo. Good-not-great is the new great. I'll love this deal until I hate it.

Irrational reason for optimism comment starter: I was convinced the Edgardo Alfonzo deal was perfect, and I thought the Omar Vizquel deal was going to be a disaster. Kevin Brown and Mike Hampton were eventually traded. Hey, are those straws? Lemme just grasp at those for a while.