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The dregs...

It's been a tough week to pretend to be interested in baseball. After the introduction of the Klesko Era, there haven't been any rumors of any note. A stray Zito whisper here...another David Wells mumble there... but then, like a gift from Mt. Olympus comes a rumor to discuss:

Right-hander Aaron Sele has interest in San Francisco, where the Giants are looking for a veteran presence to bide time for the development of young arms
Perfect. If there's anything better than old, it's old and less effective. I'm not a huge Brad Hennessey fan, at least as a starter, but Hennessey would be a better fifth starter than Sele.

What bugs me most about...uh...whatever I was going to rant about.... .... .... oh, right Aaron Sele. What bugs me most about Sele is that, well, you know.

Can't even get worked up about this one. Lame rumor, lame idea, lame time of the year. Even Chris Begg and David Cortes are the subjects of two of the past five stories on I also happen to find this far more interesting:

An officer saw (Dontrelle Willis) stop his black Bentley in the South Beach neighborhood, get out of the car around 4:30 a.m. and urinate in the street.
There's living, and then there's livin'. I still think drunk drivers are worse than steroid users, but there is some romance to be found in stepping out of a Bentley to tinkle wherever you damn well please....

So consider this an open off-topic link dump, because if I want to keep your attention, baseball ain't the way to do it. My link contribution: a collection of top-ten lists of music.