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Prelude to a goof

The Giants signing Ryan Klesko? Awesome. I have that same warm feeling I had when the Giants signed Orel Hershiser and traded for Steve Finley: that warm, warm feeling of my own blood trickling out of my hand after I stab it with an ice pick. It's not the move itself that's bad -- Klesko still might have a little pop, the price was right, and it means less at-bats for Feliz and Niekro -- it's that I can't stand Ryan Klesko. Gah, those stupid sunglasses...that weenie soul patch...the head made of potted meat...gah.

It would make me laugh when he tried to play outfield defense. It looked like his legs were perpetually Hoth-wrapped, and there was always a small chance he'd get one of his own cleats stuck in his mouth. It kept me watching. Now I'll be watching in horror instead of amusement as he tromps around first base like a dromedary wearing high heels for the first time.

Whatever. If he hits 20 bombs, he's a member of the family. The mediocrest family that ever mediocred into a mediocre factory on St. Mediocre's Day, but still.... Lefty sizes the move up pretty danged well, so in lieu of an attempt at analysis, I'll just do a quick and dirty attempt at my Most Unlikable Players of the Past Twenty Years team:

C - Kirt Manwaring. Oooh, now that guy used to rile me...wait, sorry, I meant A.J. Pierzynski.
1B - Eric Karros
2B - Jose Oquendo
SS - Neifi Perez
3B - Chipper Jones
LF - Klesko
CF - Steve Finley
RF - Raul Mondesi

SP - Jeff Juden
SP - Allen Watson
SP - Brad Penny
SP - Orel Hershiser
SP - Randy Johnson

RP - Terry Adams
RP - Julian Tavarez
RP - Eric Gagne
RP - John Rocker
RP - Jose Mesa

Player/Manager - Pete Rose

Omissions are guaranteed, but that looks like a pretty annoying bunch. Please let me know who I've missed.