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Revenge of Title

  • Well, hamburgers. Benitez deal in doubt. The problem is that the two sides can't agree on what player the Giants would get back. Though I know we could all live with sock puppet effigies of Jim Brower and Matt Blank coming back in a deal, a free Benitez does have a little value. The Giants' bullpen is so thin, you can't blame them for trying to get Eric Gregg.

    Wait, Kevin Gregg? Well, yeah, the Marlins aren't going to give that guy up for a tub of goo like Benitez. I don't mind a Wilson/Sadler/Chulk/Correia/Hennessey/Kline/Taschner bullpen, so get the deal done, Sabes. If Tim Worrell reclaims his 85 MPH of fury, all the better.

  • An ugly rumor, though one based solely on geography.
  • The Royals just traded for Ross Gload, and while Gload's a good player, the Royals have Gload, Ryan Shealy, Mike Sweeney, and Justin Huber to fill two spots. I wouldn't bet much more than a token prospect that Gload would outplay Rich Aurilia, but Sweeney could give the Giants 100 games of good hitting. Of course, Sweeney does make $11M. Unless the Royals eat a huge portion of that - or take Mando back in trade and kick in a couple of million - Sweeney isn't an option.

    Huber's not really that good, but I wonder if the Royals could be talked out of Shealy? If the Royals organization has the itch to pay below-average starters scores of millions of dollars, they'd love having one for close to the league minimum. If Brad Hennessey were a free agent: 5 years/$30M.

  • The Giants are considering Adam LaRoche too.
  • The Giants are really going into the season with Feliz at third and Aurilia at first.
  • Man, that seems hard to believe.
  • But I suppose I should just can the hopes that the Giants will still trade for some interesting first baseman and push Feliz to the bench. In the minds of those who are actively constructing the Giants, Pedro Feliz is a good player to have on a team. It just seems like a good first baseman and Aurilia at third is the easiest way to an interesting offense with this team.