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Bengie Molina?

According to the Chronicle, the Giants are in serious negotiations with Bengie Molina. If Eliezer Alfonzo added thirty points to his batting average, he'd be Bengie Molina. That's not a slight, really. Molina has pop, and is reputed to be terrible defensively, just like Notgardo. The difference is that Molina sprinkles in some more hits around the double plays and homers, and I'd be less worried that Molina would disappear offensively. Alfonzo seems like a guy that doesn't have a book on him because no one's bothered to keep one yet. Put him in as a starter, and the book would come out before May. Just a suspicion.

Five years, $90M. Ladies and gentlemen of the your new offseason centerpiece!

A two-year, $10M deal wouldn't break my heart. The fewer total voids in the lineup, the better....