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Spilt Milk Open Thread

  • Gwen Knapp writes the most astute observation about the Giants in the past five years:
    In fact, every new contract points up what a bargain Guerrero ended up being, and makes the Giants' reluctance to pursue him seem more myopic.
    We've all been thinking it, but that was perfectly phrased. Except the "points up" thing...but, maybe that's what the kids are saying these days.

    There's no use crying about it now, I guess. Besides, Sabean already explained himself here:

    If we had signed Guerrero or [Gary] Sheffield, we would have been without [Jim] Brower, [Scott] Eyre, [Matt] Herges, [Dustin] Hermanson, [Brett] Tomko, [A.J.] Pierzynski, Feliz, [J.T.] Snow, [Jeffrey] Hammonds, [Dustan] Mohr and Tucker -- obviously not being able to field a competitive team, especially from an experience standpoint, given our level of spending.
    Half of that is embarrassing to Sabean, and the half is embarrassing to the ownership group. My fictitious re-creation of that chat almost seems more realistic.
  • Rich Aurilia's deal is said to be $6M over two years. Good, good deal. Even if he flops, the budget to construct a roster is hardly affected. But this is only a good idea if he replaces Feliz. Feliz and Aurilia in the same lineup instead of Feliz and Durham wouldn't make any sense.

    Oh, my. I just realized the infield could be Feliz, Vizquel, Loretta, and Aurilia. That would be Sophie's Choice-hilarious.

  • Remember when there was a stray rumor that the Giants were going after Miguel Tejada? Good times, good times. It's fun going back in the archives to reminisce about players we couldn't afford because we had to save for Gary Matthews, Jr.. I'm pretty sure we all knew there'd be a crazy bidding war for Matthews back in '04, but it was worth the risk to wait and take the chance, even if we didn't get him.
  • The Giants are interested in David Weathers. He's going to be 37, but he has had seven straight years with an above-average ERA. I just hope it wouldn't be for more than two years.