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The Anger of a Turkey Hangover...

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When there isn't a whole heckuva lot of obvious news, I'll do my best to try and find some. If those searches come up empty, I'll read some of the general Giants forums at,, or, and hope someone has posted a link to an article I may have missed.

We're in a little bit of a bubble at this site, and while there are a huge range of different opinions, there are some sentiments that are widely shared here. The Giants don't get Pierre for $578B/14 years? Good. The Giants don't give part ownership to Gary Matthews, Jr. or Carlos Lee? Good. Those players weren't going to be the difference between a poor team and a playoff team, so there's no reason to overpay them now. The Giants have some young pitchers that will hopefully develop into the foundation of a strong team. When the young pitchers start coming through is the time to go goofy with the free agents, signing contracts that help in the short-term at the risk of messing up the long-term payroll situation. There are different variations on that theme, but most of the folks here seem to agree.

Step into the wider audience, though, and you'll get a whole lot of this:

Sabean is having the worst offseason ever! DO SOMETHING! Other teams are out there in the market, but we're doing NOTHING!

And then some guy comes over from the Dodger board, dropping one of these:

LOL! neddy stole piere out from under sabeans nose lol! no one wants to sign with youre fcrappy team lol! maybe sabean can give steroids to randy winn so he can hit allof the home runs lol!

I find this kind of chatter most entertaining when I think of the author actually laughing out loud every time he or she writes "lol".

But the first example is the important one, and it wasn't isolated to one particular board or poster. Every Giants forum for a wider audience has a huge and impressive "DO SOMETHING NOW, SABEAN!"-faction. Those are the people that make up a majority. Those are the people that buy the tickets. It doesn't matter that the free agent market is an unfunny joke; the DO SOMETHING NOW-faction doesn't care that the best remaining player on the market is something like Jose Guillen. The crowd is growing restless. It's understandable in a way. I'd like to buy fifteen minutes of airtime on a major network, sit down with some pie charts and a laser pointer, and explain exactly how the Giants are damned-if-they-do/damned-if-they-don't trying to rebuild a roster this offseason. My agent isn't optimistic about the chances of that option, though. There are going to be a whole bunch of Giants fans who will grow more restless with each day of inactivity.

Because of this, I'd almost guarantee Jonathan Sanchez will be traded. I have no idea for whom, but I can only hope it's someone worthwhile. You just know it's not, though. Sanchez will be traded for a name -- a Richie Sexson or Garrett Anderson-type. Some unbelievable contracts will be signed; Jose Guillen for four years, just to take a guess at one. Jeff Suppan for $9M per, for another. And the team will be a little better off in the present, and much worse off in the future. If I had any modicum of faith in Brian Sabean, it was lost when I heard that the Giants offered a similar contract to Gary Matthews, Jr. than the one he received. This organization is desperate, and the fallout is going to be a mess. There are franchises willing to be patient; this isn't one of them.

I'm scared. Hold me.

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