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Updated prediction thread

Now that we know the active general managers are acting like a bunch of drunken gibbons when it comes to offseason spending, it's time to guess (or guess again) at the rest of the deals on the market. Years and dollars only, though you can include the team if you really want to:

Ray Durham - 3 years, $30M
Jason Schmidt - 5 years, $78M
Pedro Feliz - 3 years, $27M
Shea Hillenbrand - 2 years, $10M
Barry Bonds - 1 year, $18M

Random Non-Giants:

Barry Zito - 5 years, $95M
Andy Pettitte - 3 years, $37M
Carlos Lee - 5 years, $90M
Jason Marquis - 3 years, $20M
Dave Roberts - 3 years, $24M

Or am I getting too caught up in the recent spending? Is this a trend or an aberration?