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Billy Ball

Bill Mueller has retired. Damn. Stint in L.A. or not, he will always be one of my favorite Giants. Homegrown... good defense... good on-base skills... affable guy... one of the only good things about 1996.... He'll be missed.

I whined about Bill Mueller going to the Dodgers here, but I didn't have to see him in a Dodger uniform too often. He is staying in the Dodger organization, so he'll be past the point of return at some point. But he's still human now, so we can still look him in the eye and applaud his career as a Giant. It would still be smart to keep a shirt pocket full of silver bullets for when he becomes more Dodger than man.

We'll miss you, Billy. And we'll have to update the list:

Best active position players drafted or signed by the Giants

  1. Pedro Feliz
  2. Royce Clayton
  3. Doug Mirabelli
  4. Ramon Martinez
  5. Adam Hyzdu
Congratulations to Adam Hyzdu for finally cracking the top five.