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  • The fan scouting results came back, and there really weren't too many surprises regarding the Giants. Vizquel dreamy, Feliz good, a whole mess of average, and nothing nice for Eliezer. Vizquel was the highest rated shortstop in the NL, and I wrote a little blurb about him on Tango's site.
  • Food for thought at U.S.S. Mariner regarding Richie Sexson. I understand everything in the article; I really, really do. And yet I still want Sexson. This is an affliction known as jayarrbenzingarreonesiwilsnowiekroenbranditis. The prescripition is to take one obscenely overpriced chunk of okay from another organization, and silently weep in front of a Will Clark 8x10 in the morning.
  • Matt Cain finished fifth in the Rookie of the Year balloting. I don't care what anyone says, finishing with two votes is a great achievement in this deep rookie class. I mean, who was the last Giant to finish with at least two votes?

    Oh. Right. Nevermind.

  • The Giants might want to focus on offense; they might need to focus on pitching. This makes me think they need to shore up that run defense. (Sixth paragraph down....)
  • I miss baseball. The best part about this? Krukow, in the bottom of the 15th, desperately wants to keep broadcasting. Wow. Watch this one soon, as you know what happens to the YouTube stuff.