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Open Annoyance Thread

My last two days have been spent reliving the grammar thread. Participles, gerunds, passive voice, active voice, double passive voice with soy active, syntax, diction...I have the urge to type this post with my elbows and submit it as is. Its just how i role. My nose has been in editing books for the past two days, and I woke up this morning annoyed. The comma there separates two independent clauses with the help of a coordinating conjunction. You can guess why I'm annoyed.

So note this is much, much different than an open venting thread. Here you're annoyed. There you're angry. See, my song goes "ding ding ding da ding ding ding." Their song goes "ding ding ding ding da ding ding". So what annoys you? That I put an MTV News reference from fifteen years ago in the middle of a post that was only marginally about the Giants to start, knowing that only four people would even get the reference, and of the four only two will find it mildly amusing? Good. Good. Let that annoyance consume you.

Lou Seal. The one-note chicanery of the pelvic thrust had an expiration date of April 2, 2000. Even if the act were entertaining, I will never get over the stupidity of the name. They held a contest -- a contest! -- to find this name, with the winner getting a prize -- a prize! The winner -- and I know I've written this before -- was a name with one gimmick: When the full name of the male seal was uttered, it sounded like a female name. That's what won. I can roll a live squirrel in Spaghetti-Os, shake it up in a garbage bag, let the squirrel loose inside a house, and pick a better name from the stray Spaghetti-Os stuck to the ceiling. Seal S. Stadium. There! That took seven seconds, and it's much better than Lou Seal. Wharfy Von Sealstein III. That's the second-worst name for a seal I've ever read, and somehow still an improvement.

The Giants not getting the one youngish centerpiece player on the free agent market annoys me. They never had the chance, and better the Cubs than the Dodgers, but there was that small part of me that held out some hope. Fuh.

But what really prompted the annoy-in was the yearly wait for the offseason Giants articles. Every season we have to go through this, and every season it annoys me. Baseball America has started their annual list of top-10 prospects, and the Giants are last. Again. BA starts with the AL East, cycles through the AL, and then goes to the NL East. When they reach the NL West, the Giants come last alphabetically. Freakin' annoying. But it isn't just BA. Baseball Prospectus is doing a top-10 prospects list for every team, and they're going alphabetically through the MLB universe. While it will always please me to write "suck it, Tampa", that schedule still leaves the Giants toward the bottom. And you always get deeked by St. Louis. S-A- comes before S-T- most of the time, unless we're talking gringo abbreviations.

One day we'll storm the administration building, and force those in charge to cave in to our demands. Offseason previews or reviews start in reverse alphabetical order for just one season, or the seal gets it. In the meantime, all we can do is wait for the season to start. Only...four months? Gagladsklknlnnnn....

Note that I tried to photoshop a picture of Mays Field in that .gif, but my gif-fu is weak. Your annoyances, Giants-related or otherwise, in the thread, if you would.