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Quick one....

As a perfect segue from the random obscure Giants thread from yesterday -- cough, Shawn Barton, cough -- there was news in the world of random obscure Giants. Desi Wilson had been playing independent ball, even winning an MVP in the Golden League. Now he's retiring from the field, and is going to manage in the independent South Coast League next year. Best of luck to Desi.

Now if you read the article, you'll probably notice this passage:

After dominating pitchers in AA and AAA, the Giants brought him up to the major leagues in 1996 where he hit .271 in 41 games for the big league club. This would be his only appearance in the big leagues, despite becoming a legendary hitter in the minors.
To save you some time, here are Wilson's career stats. Legendary...dominating...I do not think those words mean what you think they mean.

I guess one comment starter would be to ask for a similar press release describing something or someone that's as legendary as Desi.

"Despite his legendary run as one of America's most popular and effective presidents, William Henry Harrison was not chosen to be one of the former presidents memorialized on Mt. Rushmore."