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Motivational Poster Contest II

When the Giants were in the business of making the playoffs, one of my biggest pet peeves had to be when Dodger fans would come out from under rocks to laugh when the Giants were bounced in a painful manner. On the one hand, it was baffling. At least the Giants made the playoffs, I'd think. Losers. Have nothing better to do than root against another team, eh?

On the other hand, it really, really, really, really annoyed me. And that was the point, I suppose.

This is by no means a postmortem for the Dodgers, as we've seen what happens when you count them out too early, but more a ghoulish celebration of schadenfreude. Sure, I might need to take a vinegar bath after rooting for the Mets, but I've enjoyed the playoffs so far. Enough to start a new motivational poster contest.

Yeah, kind of lame. But I know you'll do better. The original picture is hosted here, and the website to create these would be here.