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Free Agent Rankings....

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From McPaper

Type A:

Barry Bonds
Jason Schmidt
Ray Durham
Moises Alou

Type B:

Pedro Feliz
Shea Hillenbrand
Mike Stanton

Type C:

Steve Kline

Not ranked:

Todd Greene
Steve Finley
Jamey Wright

All things being equal, I'd rather have the draft pick than Stanton. But I wouldn't mind if he came back on a one-year deal, though, so it's a little bit of a "win/kind of win" situation. Everything else was as expected, with the exception of Kline being a Type C (boooooooo).

Edit: I don't really want to kill the good discussion -- even though you should always do what you're best at -- so I'm going to save my Feliz post until tomorrow. Also, it's the Warriors season opener tonight, so be sure to check out Golden State of Mind