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World Series Thread, Game 3

I wasn't going to go down this road, but I can't keep it bottled up anymore. Kenny Rogers is a cheater. Period. The game of baseball is a delicate balance of rules and action; what happens if the rules are subverted? Openly flaunted? If baseball is America's game, what kind of message does cheating -- and cheating in the World Series of all times -- send about the country? What message does it send to our children?

Baseball NEEDS to act. They don't have a choice if they wish to maintain any integrity, because fans aren't going to stand for cheating on the game's biggest stage. Rogers needs to be suspended. End of story. Period. 'Nuff said. Bud Selig doesn't have enough proof? WHO CARES!!??!! It's obvious he did it. He says it was dirt? Yeah, right. If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you! He cheated, and damaged the integrity of the sport. He's gone. Suspended for the Series. Period.

What kills me about the issue is the reaction from Tiger fans. You'd think if they had a collective shred of dignity or integrity, they would be up in arms about this. "Not in OUR uniform," you'd think they would say. Instead, they're making excuses for the cheater. "Everyone does it. What's the big deal?" That's what they're saying -- another GREAT message for the children. It's like everyone in the city of Detroit is wearing blinders, and they're looking mighty foolish.

I'm beyond disgust at this point. Action needs to be taken, and if it isn't -- if Kenny Rogers is allowed to continue chasing the playoff record for consecutive scoreless innings -- I'd be embarrassed for Tiger fans and the sport as a whole. If Detroit fans want to maintain any semblance of respect, they'll turn their back on Rogers if he pitches for them again. When his name is announced before the game, they should greet him with stony silence. Nothing. Just crickets. Period. That's the only chance they'll have to maintain their integrity, dignity, and integrity. That's the only chance they have. It's not just about a game at this point; it's about the integrity of an entire city.

But they won't do that. They'll stand and cheer in some twisted form of loyalty. Can the sport survive such an attack on its integrity? I don't think so. Baseball is a great sport, but it can't -- absolutely can not -- survive something like this if Rogers isn't reprimanded. The course of action is clear. Are you listening, Bud?