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World Series, Game 1 Thread

Back in August, when the Giants had just started making us think they could eventually start to make us think they'd make the playoffs, there were a couple of nattering nabobs questioning why anyone cared. Who wanted to see them get swept out of the first round?

Then you look at the Cardinals team that's at the World Series, and you have to wonder if the Giants coulda, shoulda, or woulda had a chance in this year's NL playoffs. Probably not. But, man, if ever there were a year to sneak into the playoffs, this was it. The Mets were a double away from making the World Series after starting Oliver Perez in Game Seven of the NLCS. There isn't even a good recent Giants comp for how bad Perez has been this season. Instant Coors Field, just add Oliver Perez!-bad. The Cardinals almost wish they had Matt Morris back, considering the state of their rotation. Almost.

Even though I'm rooting for the Tigers, I wouldn't mind either of these teams winning. It's been about 20 years since Jose Oquendo and Ozzie Smith were slapping at Will Clark, the unpleasantness of '87, "Cowtown", etc..., so it's hard to consider St. Louis a mortal enemy anymore. The statute of limitations ran out on that one.

Zen Comment Starter: If a Cardinals game is on the television and there's no sound, can anyone hear the announcers regurgitate something about the St. Louis fans being the bestest baseball fans in the whole wide world?