The Managerial Replacement

With Felipe's classy farewell, its time for Sabes to make a list and attack.  Im one who believes that the Giants should wiat til after 07 to blow all their only on Mark Teixeira and Vernon Wells, but if Sabean insists on spending his allowance all this year, he needs to have a gameplan and be aggressive early.  The manager should be no exception:

Candidates who have been linked in some form:

Bud Black ... pitching coach, angels

Ron Wotus ... current bench coach, giants

Lou Pienella ... former manager of Cin, Sea, TB

Dave Regettii ... Current Giants Pitching Coach

Ron Washington ... 3rd Base Coach, oak

Joe Giardi ... Manager, FL

Fredi Gonzales ... 3rd base coach, atl

Who would you like to see as the future field general for you giants next year?

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