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Today we look at Jamey Wright, in our series evaluating the pending free agents on the Giants.

Jamey Wright will not be back.

I'll be back on Monday with another in-depth look at a pending free agent.

But if we're talking a starter to fill out the rotation, it's worth wondering what direction the Giants are going to go in.



It?s worth noting that trying to fill out a rotation in October is useless. Trades happen, arbitration happens, and spring training invites surprise. Fun to think about, though....

In-house possibilities:

Sanchez would really have to pitch his way out of the opening day rotation. I wouldn?t be surprised if Lincecum verlandered his way into the rotation out of Scottsdale, even if at Sanchez?s expense.

Possible free agent targets:


Possible realistic free agent targets:

Ted Lilly, who will get a lot more money than people expect (3/24, at least).
Miguel Batista
Greg Maddux
Jeff Suppan
Jaret Wright, if the Yankees don?t pick up his optahhahahhahah.....couldn?t keep a straight face there.
Woody Williams
Man, these guys are all 40 or bad or both.
Oooh, here?s someone under 30: Sidney Ponson.

Seriously, this is a wretched crop. Because of the wretchedness, there isn?t a team that?s going to want to trade whatever pitching they have. The only obvious pitcher I could even guess might be traded is Carlos Silva of the Twins.The only pitcher who might be undervalued on the free agent market is Vicente Padilla, who was an average pitcher in a launching pad, leading to a misleading ERA of 4.50. That?ll still get him a good-sized contract, but he?s my guy for now. I like Lilly, but he doesn?t just stand out in the second tier; he is the second tier, and that will get paid Matt Morris money.

A one-year deal to Maddux or Williams might be a nice stopgap move.

Your thoughts on the final piece of the rotation puzzle, at a ridiculously early stage....