Justin Upton signs

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Basically, we already know that the Dodgers are stacked and the Dbacks have had a top 10 system for a while too.  But, with this signing, and with them trading for Chris Young of the WHite Sox, I think that their system may be the top in baseball, and definitely a top three candidate.

I know that prospects are very risky and most dont make it, but heres a look at some of the Dbacks talent right now.

C - Miguel Montero (absolutely broke out in 05)
1B - Conor Jackson
2B - JD Drew
SS - Justin Upton (or maybe OF)
3B - Chad Tracy
LF - Carlos Gonzales (another solid, toolsy OF)
CF - Chris Young
RF - Carlos Quentin

This is not good for the Giants.

A lot of scouts have said that Justin Upton has the same tools that Arod/Griffey had at the same age.  And, many people are saying that he is easily a top 20 overall prospect, if not top 10 without even having played.

What are everyone's thoughts?

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