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Let It Snow. Has anyone used that one yet? No? Good.

When it was clear J.T. Snow wouldn't be back with the Giants, I used some advanced NASA modeling equipment to come up with this chart. There were image hosting problems on the site, however, so I couldn't share. The problems are fixed now, so you can share. Oh, you lucky thing. The sad thing is, it really did take me a long time to do that. It won't go on my resume.

Snow was a weird player to develop an opinion on. He was a criticism magnet, chick magnet, Randy Johnson fastball magnet, and had several stretches or moments that will always be a part of Giants lore. Seeing him in a Dodgers uniform would be like watching Optimus Prime guest star on an episode of GoBots. Good luck, again, J.T.

Comment starter: What was the best game you have ever attended in person? Not sure if I've asked this one before, but I couldn't find anything through Google. My easy answer is the game when Bonds' 500th homer was hit off Terry Adams. It won a game against the Dodgers, and the hours of in-game ceremonial arglebargle made Adams seethe. Hee hee.

A less obvious answer is this game against the Cardinals from 1997. It was a gem on multiple levels:

  1. While waiting in line for tickets, some guy just walked up and handed over a couple of freebies.
  2. In the fifth inning, someone leaving their high-falutin' field seats gave us their tickets and we were able to slip down into Fancytown.
  3. Phil Plantier tossed a ball in the stands, and I came up with it.
  4. Mark McGwire hit his 50th homer. It was cool at the time.
  5. The Giants tied the game off Dennis Eckersley in the 9th on a Stan Javier homer.
  6. The Giants won the game on a Damon Berryhill double in the 10th.
  7. I called in sick to work to be there in the first place.
Good times.