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I'll still blame the tables.

Today's another case of real life intervening. The first person to PayPal me tens of thousands of dollars will:

  1. Enable me to do this full-time.
  2. Get to personalize a bronze marker on a bench in the museum dedicated to my works, should one ever be constructed.
Until then, I leave you with a comment starter: What failed Giants prospect did you hold out the most hope for?

In 1995, I was able to score tickets directly behind the plate for a William Van Landingham start. I didn't know a thing about his minor league career. I certainly didn't know that pitching prospects are like praying mantis babies, with only a few surviving the initial litter. But I did know the Giants had a star in the making. The slider slid, the fastball bit, and it was all happening with some sweet control. My vantage point was perfect, and I was able to watch knees buckle. There were called third strikes that didn't even come with a whiff of disagreement. A star, I tells ya.

He's only 35. If it came down to a choice between him or Shawn Estes, the decision would get interesting. Of course, if it came down to a choice between Estes pitching one more inning as a Giant, or Ron Artest pitching one inning before hopping in the stands to beat me without mercy, I think I'd go with Artest.