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Gone for the day tomorrow, thus the early entry....

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Last year's trivia contest was merely a boring prelude to this year's whopper of a doozy. This year's contest is better in every way, except that there is no prize for the winner. This, technically, makes the contest much, much worse. It isn't the worst contest McCovey Chronicles has ever hosted, though. That would be a contest where a prize was offered, but the contest results weren't even tallied.

Fill in the Giants players -- past, present, or future -- who complete the following quotes from Baseball Prospectus 2001. Note there are some ridiculously obscure players mixed in, but no trick questions:

  1. ____'s not a good bet for long-term success, but he knows how to pitch, fields his position well, can take the mound every fifth day, and is capable of throwing 180 generic innings. Damn few teams don't need a guy like that.
  2. I was doing a local radio show on which talk turned to the Giants' farm system. We were discussing the lack of position players when a number of people called in and read me the riot act for not being high on ____.
  3. ____'s a very easy player to like; a center fielder who can be a league-average hitter while playing acceptable defense is a good thing to have.
  4. ____ will be at least a reasonable MVP candidate at some point during the next five years.
  5. If you saw ____ play only during 2000 in San Francisco, you'd swear he was the illegitimate child of Stan Musial, Kirby Puckett, and Joe DiMaggio.
  6. If ____ were in an organization that knew how to teach plate discipline, he might be scary.
  7. ____'s trying to build a career as a right-handed Mark Sweeney. (Note: this is an ultra-obscure one)
  8. ____ was pitching like Don Knotts on a Ritalin binge for the first half of the season.
  9. ____ puts forth a hell of an effort with a jerky, awkward motion. Sure, there are successful pitchers who can get away with that, but the stresses this guy is putting on his body are astonishing. I hope he doesn't get hurt before he learns to pull it all together.
  10. ____ is a phenomenal baseball player with few weaknesses. (Note: this one wasn't a Giant at the time)
There are some answers that seem silly in retrospect, just as there are answers that seem prescient, but that's not the point. The point is to have fun, and to not win a prize. Have at it.