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Schmidt's hurt. The Giants are six out. It would be premature to say the Giants have no shot at the division after last night's game. Premature, but correct. There's still a shot, but we'll keep the obituary in the can for now. You don't think they had to wake a reporter out of bed when George Burns passed, do you?

When two bad teams get together, they can make some pretty awful music. The Giants finally scored some runs last night, and had Jason Schmidt on the mound. Hooray? What should have been a crisp, quick game turned into a bullpen nightmare. The Giants were in full retro mode, turning in their applications to guest host VH1's "Remember, Like, Four Months Ago?" Jeff Fassero, Scott Eyre, and Armando Benitez all gave up homeruns, and Jeremy Accardo turned an inning-ending double play into a fire in a movie theater. At least Fassero's homer was to Jeff Kent. Benitez and Eyre gave up bombs to guys who made the Dodger team in the way most of their non-Kent teammates did; by sending in three General Mills UPC labels and a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Jeff Kent is a jerk, but he was a big part of the Giants success when he was here. I loathe him even as he resides in a special little place of my heart. Ricky Ledee, and Jose Cruz, Jr., however, would do humanity a great favor by each making toast in the bathtub. Both have done more to prevent the Giants from winning a World Series than any Dodger could have dreamed, and that was when they were with the Giants. To see them have any part of the Giants loss, just....

Forget it. No one wants to talk about this past series, or this season, and no one in their right mind wants to read my half-hearted ramblings after a crushing loss like that. Puppies and kittens for everyone.