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Super Match!

The guy who made that play last night should be ashamed of himself. Or are we even looking in the right direction? Could it be the fault of the manager, who put the player in that position? Hard questions, hard answers.

It remains to be seen what the lasting effects of such a game can be. Will it carry over? To lose a game like that, well, it hurts more than the opposite variety of loss. In this case, a high-scoring, game.

If I had to put my finger on the problem really leading to the loss, I would say the team needs to kick more. Throwing is good - very good, even - at times, but nothing can beat a good downfield kick when they aren't expecting it.

This contest was epic and strugglefied. I am a bigger person for having seen it.

(In honor of the B-team, heck, Y-team thrown out last night against the Padres, this column was written by a B-team ghostwriter found through a personals ad on AOL. It should be noted the writer was a soccer fan from Argentina, and had never really seen a baseball game before.

About 3/8ths of the lineup was what you'd expect the Grizzlies to throw on the field if they were resting their real players for the playoffs. If someone added a zero to the 40-man roster as I slept, I might understand where these guys came from. Bravo to Noah Lowry, though, who pitched a magnificent game with nothing on the line but pride.)