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Motor Oil Concerto

The return went better than expected. After such a long layoff, we were all setting ourselves up for major disappointment. Bah. Just as good as ever. It turns out the hatch has electricity, and some sort of geodesic dome from the `80s. They should have introduced that Euro stadium jogger earlier, though, as it wasn't that big of a shock when he was revealed. Still waiting for the polar bear explanati...

Oh. Wrong subject. In Giantsvania, Barry Bonds is still king. The homers are ridiculous, there are no two ways about that. You'd think being encased in carbonite and hanging in Bud Selig's office would have affected him more. It should have slowed his bat down considerably, and he should still be getting his eyesight back. The idea of an instant barrage such as this would have been laughed down in July, when getting Bonds back in March of `06 was gravy.

While the power was nice, and sorely missed, I still maintain the part the Giants needed the most was on display Tuesday. With a runner on first, and Bonds up in a one-run game, the Nationals chose to put a runner in scoring position to face Moises Alou instead. That's amazing, and it's hard to believe it was such a part of the Giant life for the three seasons before this one. Now, I'm just a lowly blogger, and I don't pretend to be much of a baseball expert. I know a bit, sure, but it still seems silly for me to pretend I have everything figured out. But I think Barry Bonds makes a difference in this lineup. I don't have the pie charts ready; it's just something I feel in my gut. Please believe me.

For the second time this season, Brad Hennessey had a ridiculous game at the plate, and a great game on the mound. The debate between Hennessey and Kevin Correia is suddenly less Miller vs. Miller Lite, more Miller vs. Mike's Hard Syrup of Ipecac. Now, Miller isn't good enough to get too excited about, but it'll work at the back end of a cooler. Correia occasionally shows off some filth, but he more often pitches like a converted catcher with a good arm. Hennessey is the fifth starter for the foreseeable future. I can live with that.

Comment starter: What would be your best-case, yet still realistic, projection for Brad Hennessey next year? The K/BB ratio makes it hard for me to think of anything below a 4.50 ERA, but he'll have games like this that'll make me think.

Non-comment starter: John Sickels is hosting a good Giants-based discussion over at his site. The topic asks what you would do if you were the Giants GM. Go over, flash some McCovey Chronicles gang signs, think of thirty-two different ways to dump Edgardo Alfonzo, eat the celery and peanut butter he was nice enough to leave out, and enjoy the rest of his site.