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YAY! Huh? Yay?

The swing was almost the same. I don't get that. There should have been obvious rust. The bat waggle, the stutter step before spitting on pitches outside...the same. His recognition of a good changeup? Understandably under renovation. But the opposite field stroke was certainly impressive, as was the ability to catch up with the solid fastball featured by Adam Eaton.

Better than expected. Someone will need to bring a wet/dry vac to clean up the puddle of Correia left on the mound, but it was nice to see Barry Bonds contribute to a win. The tease of jumping around like a caffeinated orangutan after Bonds' double was weird, though. Elation, followed by confusion, wrapped with a disappointingly ambiguous satisfaction. The umps could have screwed one up for the crowd, just this once, right? I suppose not.

Comment starter: Hey, Bonds is back. Did you hear? Your thoughts....