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Open Gameda....ah, forget it.

Around the sixth inning, Jon Miller sounded as if he were calling a line at the post office.

And Feliz is buying a book, a roll of stamps.

Checks watch

Can't blame him, though. The man watches enough baseball to be disgusted about the brand he's contractually obligated to watch every week. I forgot about the game, as is obvious by the lack of a gameday thread, and turned it on the radio in time to hear Lance Niekro pop out on the first pitch of an at-bat. Getting swept by a Heltonless Rockie team at home. That would be the pinnacle of embarrassment. If the bullpen can hold on, though, we can salvage the teeniest shred of dignity....

Mike Matheny is one of the team leaders in slugging percentage. Jason Christiansen is one of the team leaders in wins. I'm taking the day off.