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Come Sail Away....

Dear God,

Thank you for reading this. I know you are busy, but I had just one quick question. Do you know if Randy Winn is really the answer for the Giants?

Confused in Colma

Dear Confused,



The above exchange would never need to take place, because we had last night's game. Like some sort of burning bush, Randy Winn came up to bat in the ninth inning with a chance to win the game and grounded out. Not to be unfair to Winn, because anyone other than the Barry Bonds of the last two years was statistically more likely to make an out than anything else. And fresh from the AL, Winn had to face the funky-throwing Brian Fuentes. And Deivi Cruz had a much worse at-bat just before Winn. And Winn had 25% of the total hits for the Giants last night. And the only reason the Rockies had the lead was because of an umpire duck-and-covering in the middle of a live play, the pitcher failing to cover on a grounder, and the Giants having the wrong Alou on third base during an inning-ending double play. Felipe scores on that one, easy.

While the tongue-in-cheek mea culpa post would have typed itself if Winn slapped one over the head of Garret Atkins, the weak grounder as omen post isn't exactly hard to rap out either. The Giants played their standard game and lost because they aren't a good team. Winn doesn't really fit in the narrative except as a metaphor. It was his game to win last night, and only the fact there were two outs prevented him from grounding into a double play. Welcome to the club of the damned, Randy. I see your loved ones did not put coins on your eyes upon your passing, and you were unable to pay the fare to cross the River Styx. That's okay, grab a bat....