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Open, Uh, non-Gameday Thread, 8/25

No time today, so the post and Gameday Thread will have to be one and the same. This is even though there is not a game today, which I was well aware of. It's not like I forgot there wasn't a game, posted a gameday thread because I knew I'd be golfing at 7:00, and then edited the thread to make it appear as if I was in the right all along. That's just not something I'd do.

When a player has been on a team for no apparent reason in the past, the hoary old internet cliche was that the player had pictures of the general manager doing something unsavory with farm animals. The first time written, it was probably brilliant. Now, however, it's time to retire that cliche.

So the pregame comment starter: How has Jason Christiansen avoided getting dumped to this point? I used to think it was that he was a popular guy in the clubhouse, but that didn't save Marquis Grissom or Kirk Rueter. What's JC's secret?