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Apologies for the lack of anything resembling a point.

Bonds is done for the year. T'was a time when grown men would have cried after typing or reading that sentence, but if you didn't assume this would be the case in May, you're nothing but a glutton for punishment. When thinking about 2006, I even forget Bonds is supposed to be a part of the team in theory, so's not to be disappointed if he doesn't show.

So, how would a healthy Bonds have impacted this team? Well, I ran some simulations:

Current standings
San Diego 51-54
Arizona 52-55
LA Dodgers 47-58
San Francisco 45-59
Colorado 37 67

Simulated standings with Bonds
San Francisco 65-39
San Diego 45-60
Arizona 45-62
LA Dodgers 39-66
Colorado 36-68

Note that these simulations were not run by a computer or conventional simulation program, but rather pulled directly out of my ass. This particular program, the Assotron 4050, has served me well in these dark times. Take these simulated standings, for instance:
Simulated standings with Bonds, Joe Nathan, Livan Hernandez, and Ellis Burks (after harvesting the limbs and organs of Alex Sanchez)
San Francisco - ∞-0
San Diego 45-60
Arizona 45-62
LA Dodgers 39-66
Colorado 36-68
I don't want to get all technical here, but do you realize how good a team with infinity wins is? You know 100 wins? Well, take that team and add one more win, and then another. And then another. And another. It never stops. That's how good they could have been.

We don't know where the Giants would be if a healthy Bonds were kicking around, but it is plausible to think they'd be in front of the division. In fact, after Michael Jordan came back from a secret suspension, it only took two seasons to win a championship. So we have that going for us. Which is nice.

Comment starter: Give your playing-time projections for Bonds in 2006. I'll use the Assotron 4050 to come up with 212 at-bats and 348 plate appearances.