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Inching closer to first place....

I figured you might need some help with your homework, so I've done most of the heavy lifting:

To Whom it May Concern;

Before Thursday's broadcast of the Reds/Giants game on KNBR, Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper were talking about the Giants Fantasy Camp. The camp is set for January, and I am very interested. I would love to play ball with the likes of Mark Grant and Johnny LeMaster.

Even though I am a multi-millionaire, and am willing to pay several times over the asking price in order to secure a place at the Fantasy Camp, I can't commit quite yet. While it sounded like a fun time based on the descriptions from Kruk and Kuip, I need a second opinion. If there were, for instance, a lengthy written account from a fan about the experience, that might change my mind. My rich friends and I were just talking about this very thing. If only there were some amateur fan allowed to attend the Fantasy Camp for free, on the condition he was to write about it in a daily internet log, or web log, or "blog", that might convince me to enroll in the Camp the following year.

I do not know where you would find such a writer -- though you might start at a site I know very little about, and am certainly not affiliated with, -- but it is definitely an idea to consider. Somewhere out there is an amateur writer who would be willing to donate a week of his time to spread the word about your product, and I have no doubts you will seek that person out. I thank you for your time.



Oh, I never assigned the homework in the first place: figure out a way to get me in the Giants Fantasy Camp without paying. It sounds like fun, but I'm sure it's thousands of dollars more than I'm willing to pay. I'm pretty sure if all of you send the above letter to the Giants front office, they will think a grass roots organization of tentative millionaires has made its voice known. Yeah, it should work.

The reason you were just treated to the most pointless entry in this site's young life, is because there are only so many ways to disparage Brett Tomko. The results came back from the lab, and we have independent confirmation from two groups of researchers. It turns out that Brett Tomko is not good. As excited as we should be about Noah Lowry, we should be just as irritated with the good stuff/no results antics of Tomko. Irritated isn't the right word, maybe, but it is time for the guy to move on. When a Giants fan feels this about a player, the process is known as Livaning. You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here.