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Gameday Open Thread, 7/8

At the game last night, I ran into a friend. We started to talk a little baseball, and Mike Matheny stepped up to the plate. "Matheny's been good for the Giants, I think." My switch was flipped. To paraphrase:

AreyoukiddingmathenyistheworstideainthehistoryoftheteamheistooexpensiveunnecessaryandredundantIdon't knowwhatsabeanwasthinkingwiththissingingfreeyorvittherearebadhittersandthentherearebadhittersMatheny hitslikeasixyearoldgirlprovidedthegirlhashadherarmssurgicallyreplacedwithlobsterclawsheistoooldandwa itifheissupposedtobesomemagicalpitcherhelpingelfwhytheheckisthepitchingstaffsoterrible....
I think I belched that all out in about 2.4 seconds on demand. Right when I'm about to connect Matheny with Jack Ruby and the price of oil, he goes and hits a three-run homer. (Matheny, not Ruby)

So, now the whole section thinks I'm an idiot. My friend already had several reasons to think I'm an idiot, and this was just icing. It was a touch embarrassing. A much smarter man than I coined the phrase "Earnest Ragging", and it always seems to jump up and bite you on the ass when you are least expecting it. Hoorah for Matheny and his four RBIs, but he should give me a heads up next time he's useful.

Pre-game comment starter: Your greatest Earnest Ragging story.