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This is the fourth part of a series, which also acts as a companion piece to the gripping PBS serial, trying to figure out how the Giants should construct the roster of the future. The posts discussing catcher are here, first base is here, and the middle infield is discussed here.

Third base is quite the quandry for the Giants. They have two third-basemen under contract for next year. Neither are building blocks for the future. Neither are particularly good for the present, but are just dripping with liquid adequacy. Makes a mess on the clubhouse floor, it does.

Edgardo Alfonzo has underperformed from the moment he signed with the Giants, and he's going to be paid well next season. He'd be tough to trade, and might even be tough to donate. Pedro Feliz just isn't a cerebral enough player to ever progress past what his physical tools have given him. He's a hacker, and, at 30, what you see is what you get.

In the minor leagues, the Giants are unable to develop a third baseman. Tony Torcato and Lance Niekro once gave the organization the appearance of depth, but were moved off the position. Nate Schierholtz was the next hope, but he was moved to the outfield. The Giants are flush with journeymen like Brian Dallimore and Mike Cervenak, but they aren't more than quick fixes.

The solution is hardly a stretch. Try to trade Alfonzo. If you can't, put up with one more year. If you do deal him, give Feliz the starting job. However, and this is important, he needs to take the nickname of Pedro "Haunted Indian Burial Ground with Red Ant Hills All Over" Feliz, because he isn't someone to build around.

There aren't too many options, and really isn't too much more to write on the position, but there are certain to be some bettter ideas out there. Right?