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The Swing of Swings

Deivi Cruz stepped up in the ninth inning of a one-run ballgame yesterday, and he had a runner on third with only one out. On a 1-1 pitch, Cruz unveiled his newest creation: The Worst Swing Ever. It's been something he's been tinkering with on and off, but nothing indicated he would get serious about perfecting it.

With the game on the line, he took a physics-defying tomahawk swing at a ball above his eyes and outside. Not only did he make contact, but he made just enough contact to not do anything of value. It was stunning. It was impressive. It was The Worst Swing Ever, and if the suits at ABC know what they're doing, it'll be a made-for-TV movie by sweeps.

This isn't to pick on Deivi Cruz. As a waiver claim/backup shortstop/Neifi banisher, he has given the Giants more than we ever could have hoped. He's a solid role player, and has been a good Giant. It was just The Worst Swing Ever, especially if you take the context into account. The Giants were clawing their way back in the game, and that was a disappointing way to leave the runner stranded.

At some point, the forearm muscles had to have been rapping out a distress code to Cruz's brain, saying, "Hey, we, as muscles, have never been twisted in this direction to start a swing before. You're the boss, but we thought we should just let you know." From there, a check-swing pop fly would have been frustrating, but much easier to take. But Cruz went through with the swing. And it was horrible. It was The Worst Swing Ever.

Comment starter: Alright, maybe it wasn't The Worst Swing Ever. Give me your personal favorite candidate for the title.