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All the Hennessey you've got on your shelf

Yesterday's game featured mostly stellar defense, great pitching, and, though the hitting still stank, there was one timely hit to remember. Yes, the roles were reversed on the rest of the world yesterday, and the hamburger became the diner.

In the real world, it's rumor time, with no one quite sure of Brian Sabean's plan. Schmidt is rumored to be going to several different teams, or not. J.T. Snow could be traded, or not. It's all just so exciting. Or not.

The one name that has gained about as much attention as Jason Schmidt is Scott Eyre. Eyre is having a fantastic season. Now is the time to trade him. Relievers are flaky, so there is a whole lot of risk in signing him up long-term. He was fished out of the dumpster, which is exactly where several good lefty specialists are covered in coffee grounds right now.

I trust Sabean to build a good bullpen from scraps, which sounds crazy after the past couple of years, but, other than Christiansen, there wasn't a bullpen move I disagreed with. If the Giants could get anything of substantial value for Eyre, they'd be fools not to take the deal. Then they could give Jack Taschner a longer look, or pick up a lefty Sabean likes from the waiver wire.

What say you? Keep Eyre? Trade him at all costs? Or wait for a good deal to consider it? I fully expect the next Brian Giles to come back in the trade.