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Brave New World

There can not be someone in the front office right now thinking, "Yeah, they took two out of three, but just wait until we get Bonds and Benitez back, and trade for Realistically Available Starter. We'll see you in the playoffs, fellas." This series might have been the official flatline, audible even in the gold leaf-lined executive washrooms in Mays Field. If the Giants can get a good deal for a young, cheap starter, then they should be buyers. In the off chance Rod Serling is not running things, however, this team needs to be trying to trade whatever they can trade for whatever they can get. To wit:

Trade at all costs, no matter what is obtained in return
Alfonzo or Feliz

Hang on to, because there is no way to get worthwhile value back

Can't imagine they have trade value at all
Rueter (10-5 guy, too)

Trade only if you get a ridiculously good offer

Yes, this has been hashed over before, but it is worth it to go over again to temper any excitement which might be building towards the deadline. The Giants should be sellers, but don't have much to sell. There was a point where Tomko might have fetched a tender morsel from a team, but that ship has sailed, sunk, and become cursed with a ghost pirate or two already. However, Tomko isn't likely to be around next year, so it's worth seeing if he can even attract even a B-level prospect right now.

There are ten days until the deadline, and this series should have punctured any flights of fancy the front office was hoping to take. This team does not need some goof who is planning on dressing up as Sidney Ponson for Halloween. This team isn't a Lamborghini out of gas, it's a Kia Sephia wrapped around a tree, and its first priority is not to take the insurance money to purchase 16-inch spinning rims.

Edit: I forgot Scott Eyre. We should be able to fetch something for him.