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This .750 winning percentage after the break should continue. Yep. No problem.

It's hard to know where this Dodger series should rank on the happiness meter. The Giants went deep into to heart of Mordor, hacking their way through orcs, and coming out ahead. That's a positive. The Dodgers were banged up, and were starting players with names made up by the front office before the first game. Give the Dodger front office some credit, because "Oscar Robles" and "Jason Repko" were much more interesting than what other organizations might have picked. In the same situation, the Giants would have faced a Devil Rays team with "Oscar Smith", and "Jason Office Furniture".

It doesn't diminish the victories at all, though. The Giants aren't exactly a paragon of health, so they aren't going to pity any opponents, especially their arch-rivals. If the Giants turn the season around in the second-half, people will look to this series as the catalyst. Also, if the Giants turn the season around in the second half, I will streak down Market Street wearing nothing but a beard of bees*. Still, it's fun to dream, and it's fun to win.

Comment starter: Even though we would like the front office to not mortgage the future to improve this ugly team, does that change your feelings on winning a game or two?

*Not true. I will, if pressed, spend an hour in the same room with a bee, as long as I retain the right to shriek like a six-year old with a hand caught in a sewing machine should the bee get near me.